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Jevanská 9, Vyžlovka


By car

You need go by motorway D1, direction Brno, go down EXIT11, direction Ricany, Kutna hora, you need have direction Ricany all the time. Then in Ricany you need have direction Kutna hora, then go straight until Vyzlovka. Hotel looks like at pics on web site, orange building. At nigths building is illuminated. Time in total: 20 minutes, 23 km.


From Praha by bus

You can get to hotel by buses 381, 382, 387 from metro station HAJE. From metro Haje exit MODRA SKOLA, left exit from metro. There will be buses, you need buy ticket from driver of bus, it costs 32 CZK, bus station calls VYZHLOVKA, hotel is located 2 metres from bus stop Vyzlovka. It will take you 30 minutes from metro Haje to hotel.


From main terminal - Hlavni Narazi

From metro Hlavní nádraží go to metro Haje. You can buy ticket 24 CZK in any tabacco-newspaper shop. From metro Haje go out, exit from metro Modra skola, then go by buses 381, 382, 387 to Vyzlovka. You need buy ticket from driver 32 CZK.  Time in total: 20 minutes in metro + 30 minutes by bus.


From airport

From airport you need go by bus 119 to metro Dejvicka, ticket cost 32 CZK, you can buy it at airport in tobacco-newspaper shop. From metro Dejvicka, go to metro Muzeum, then change Line, go to Line C, or RED Line, then go to metro Haje. Total time airport - metro Haje is 53 min, you will need only one ticket 32 CZK, wich you can buy at airport. Then go to hotel Vyzlovka by buses 381, 382, 387. You need buy ticket from bus driver, it costs 32 CZK, bus stop Vyzlovka. Time in total from airport to hotel 53 min + 30 min from metro Haje, about  1,5 hour.


From bus terminal Florenc

At metro Florenc you need buy ticket 24 CZK. At metro Florence choise RED LINE or Line C, then go to metro Haje. From metro Haje exit Modra Skola, then go to buses 381, 382, 387, you need buy ticket from bus driver 32 CZK. Go to hotel, it is about 30 minutes, bus stop is Vyzlovka. Time in total 50 min.



Transfer Main terminal -Hotel for 1,2,3,4 persons costs 1000 CZK or 38 EUR, for 5 -8 persons costs 1800 CZK or 70 EUR.

Transfer Airport - Hotel for 1,2,3,4 persons 1200 CZK or 46 EUR, for 5-8 persons costs 2000 CZK or 80 EUR.

Transfer metro Haje - Hotel costs 500 CZK or 20 EUR.


Every transfers you need order via email one day before.